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June 10
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Celesse -Official Reference Sheet- by SachikoMerry Celesse -Official Reference Sheet- by SachikoMerry
My Guardian Anabelle's ponysona. <3

**The information below is Ana's own, with MLP terms replacing obvious words and such.**

Name: Celesse
Nickname(s): Cel, Essie, Sweetie/Sweetheart (by Eli)
Type: Earth pony | 2/4 Deity, 1/4 Stone Elf, 1/4 Demon
Age: Biologically a month or so old, physically/mentally 6-8
Gender: Female
Orientation: TBA
Special somepony: None
Relative(s): Civil Stone (father)
Friend(s): Rechta, Wyvern, Puddleheart, Peppy Dare
Cutie Mark: TBA

    Bullet; Black Teleportation
    Bullet; Black Strong emotions can affect the weather
    Bullet; Black Capable of hardening her skin
    Bullet; Black Many more have yet to be discovered; she is not really aware of her powers yet, however.

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, and very courageous. She loves to explore, learn new things, and follow her father around to help or simply watch him. She is a very, very prodigal little filly; she started speaking (not perfectly, of course) minutes after birth.

Friendship/Loyalty: Celesse would do just about anything for those she loves and holds dear to her. She would go very far for simple strangers, as well. She loves and cherishes anypony she meets, and while she understands there are 'bad ponies' in the world, she would rather smile and talk to them instead of be afraid of them.

Occupation: None
Hometown: TBA
Current residence: TBA

Bio: TBA

Eyes: Just like her father, Celesse's pupils and scleras change when she feels threatened.
Skin: Again like her father, her skin is capable of hardening. Though it is less impervious than her father's due to inexperience and still being so young.
Hair: Her hair has very bright streaks of aquamarine throughout the blonde; it is also kept up in a sidetail fashion.

More information to come later. You are not allowed to use this art/Guardian anywhere in any way, shape, or form without express written permission from me (unless you're making fanart).

Will update, proofread and correct errors later.

Blank base -
Dolling by me.
Celesse/Anabelle is mine.
Background from Bing Images.
PinkieTane Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She's adorable!
Bocchinocullen Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Her eyes in the middle are really cool! :^o
Snowhitewolf Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
She's so cute~!
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